Drupal Camp Taipei 2013 MISC

Back from Drupal Camp Taipei 2013 safely
Blog a MISC first, before writing a review blog

In past 5 year, I visited Taiwan at least once a year, even more
Taipei had lots of coffee shops, slightly less heat than HK
But the high sun afternoon still burns and need to move in-door

This time I stayed near 師大夜巿 1983 hostal
aiming for the girls near the area
But the night market around really smaller than before
and less girls too
but there are still some styling pub (insomnia cafe),coffee cafe(中西美食)
I tried both, nice environment
When you are relaxed, those feelings just flow into your body easily

Way before I off load my luggage to hostal after get off the metro,
The first thing is pick up a book "字型之不思議" inside 7-11
I saw the description on a blog and want to buy the book immediately
But that is a publisher in Taiwan, and cannot be found in HK
So I booked the book online, delivered to 7-11 near my hostel
That is so convenient! But Taiwan locals do not think so
Later on I discovered that the book is best seller in book store...
and put that on featured best reseller shelf..

Lurking around 敦化站 on Friday afternoon
So hot and moved to LAVAZZA老咖啡
A cafe recommended by twitter
There are also cakes and pies
But there is no flat white in the coffee shop!
Every single cafe I visited do not have flat white
NO flat white!
So disappointed
cappuccino, you are the substitute in Taiwan then

There is no planning on the last day,
So I go to 誠品信義店 again
There are guitar shops, CD shops with shelf especially for Taiwan indie
And a "Revolution" focus featured topic
I thought I would see Marx there
But there is Banksy offical book
I spend an hour there standing and finished that
Turned over the book and see this 240 page full colored offical bookonly cost Taiwan dollar 395
Taiwan dollar 395 !!!!!
f words inside myself and then think of,
the author actually promote "free art"
and my luggage had been so full
So I put that "commercial product" down and just leave

After MISC, review blog also coming in, stay tuned!