2010-09-24 Changed comment system to disqus

一如頁底所見, 留言全轉到 disqus
使用了disqus-1.x-dev 的輸出功能
發現一個bug, report: http://drupal.org/node/921324

原因: 太多 spam, 一天大概收到兩封左右, 而且我已經使用了 Mollom..
也高興可以使用 facebook, twitter, openid 等作留言
"最近留言" 區塊也很方便

As you may see below, all comments have been imported to disqus using disqus-1.x-dev.
A bug found, reported: http://drupal.org/node/921324

Reason: Too much spam. I have like 2 spam everyday passed through Mollom
Good to have Facebook, twitter, openid at once for comments.
"Recent comments" block is handy too