Move / convert drupal multi site to separate instances (從 multi sites 分成多個 Drupal)

ok, multi sites is just too difficult to manage
我承認 multi sites 是太難管理了, 它帶來的好處比不上它的壞處:

1. file paths are crazy
2. upgrade and development of one of the multi sites are potentially dangerous
1. 檔案路徑太混亂
2. 為其中一個site 的模組升級和開發有可能影響到其他 sites, 需要很小心

so steps to convert multi sites settings to separate Drupal instance:
要從 multi sites 分成多個 Drupal:

1. copy files into separate sub folders
2. edit each sub folder's settings file to point to correct db and use correct base path
3. maybe change the file paths of css and images in themes
4. turn off rewrite rules
5. delete old files, except folders named "files"
1. 複製原本的檔案到新建的子資料夾
2. 修改每個子資料夾的 settings.php 以使用正確的 DB 和 base path
3. 選擇性的修改 themes 內的 css 和圖片路徑
4. 拿掉 rewrite
5. 移除舊體制的資料夾, 除了以 "files" 來命名的資料夾

it is not very painful and difficult, but absolutely worth to test before do it in live sites
雖然這不是一個複雜的工作, 但都强烈建議先測試才在 live 環境工作