30 blog posts in coming 30 days!

Long story short, I am a full time freelancer now.
So I can commit more time to this blog
and I am going to write one blog every day, until 11th Oct 2012.
I will blog my day, my readings, tech tips if i encounter etc etc.

This experiment had been done with some bloggers I had been follow
and although it seems though, most of them gain sth down the road
so best wishes!

And more importantly, I am a full time freelancer now.
Please refer and freelance/Startup!

Today I touch up this blog's css,
especially on responsive css and such,
view this blog on mobile should be nicer to your eyes
Try it out!

Also as I am writing this in a coffee shop,
I am thinking whether I should come here every day,
or just stay home.
coffee shop cost money everyday,
while stay at home would be easy to lost focus.
Any suggestions?

photo from mutednarayan