Disqus module's UTF8 characters in URL is missing

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Ok, I give up my 30 days continuous blog,
but i will keep blogging as much as possible.

As there are disqus comments appeared,
I found that the UTF8 url send to disqus is actually incorrect, UTF8 characters is removed.
And as i cannot found a bug logged,
the temp. solution is remove UFT8 from generated path from pathauto
and report a bug. http://drupal.org/node/1809742

2010-07-12 JQuery UI combobox

jquery ui 是一個方便的 jquery 擴充庫,
Drupal 中最常用的就一定是 datepicker 了
而且用法很多, 兩個一組的, "未來"限定的等等

而另一個很好用, 但不常用的就是一個 autocomplete 的擴充, combo box
它可以是單選 <select> 的完美替代品,
它包含一個 textfield 和一個button
在 textfield 輸入的時候就會將 <select> 內的相關選項以 autocomplete 方式顯示
或者按一下 button, 全個 <select> 內的選項都會顯示
令使用者可以使用類似 <select> 的方式選取

但它有兩個 bug
1. <select> 的 <option> 的 attribute selected=selected 不會預設被選中
做就了我在 github.com 的 commit (ref3)