My little thoughts on features version update options

New Drush options:
incr version: --version-increment
set version directly: --version-set=7.x-1.0-dev

[Contribution to module] CCK table field

CCk table field is an handy field that let user create a table output by entering


But it lags a check to ensure there is the same number of columns in each row

So there is the patch to fix:
Validate correct number of columns in each rows

[Contribution to Doc] Generate SSH keys (Windows/msysgit)


1. as of 2011-02-22, msysgit Git-1.7.4-preview20110204.exe use /u instead of /c/Doc...
2. change of location "Add a public key"
3. After 28 Feb 2011, Git migration, the location of "Add a public key" changes again