18th Sept (Tue) Day 7

Extremely busy day.
So sorry that the Machine learning translation had to postpone to tomorrow
I should really write some blogs in advance.

Actually other than writing 30 blogs in 30 days,
I also run 20 minutes every other day now.
Running had slowly become popular in HK (with cycling)
the habit might came from Japan, cycling from Taiwan
As my only purpose is do some exercise,
running is dead easy to start and no cost at all.
I listen to L-arc-en-cial "Clicked 13 best single" every time I run,
and i know I ran around 20 minutes when the music hits "dive to blue"
I want to run until "Honey" which is my favorite song in the album,
but that is a few more minutes to go....
I will start running faster instead of running longer period when I am very comfortable with 20 min running.

Tomorrow will setup ubuntu server 12.04 on latest CPU E3-1245V2, god bless me.